Construction trailers

All construction sites require office facilities for management efficiency. MobilFab designs and manufactures site offices that suit your requirements. The offices can be equipped with a meeting or rest room, a bathroom and a kitchenette, among others. These four-season units can also be equipped with an electrical system and an air conditioning and heating system.


Sanitary Units

Construction sites must provide sanitary units on site for health and hygiene reasons. Aware of your needs, MobilFab builds sanitary units adapted to your site. Basic units are equipped with toilets, urinals and sinks. Other options can be added according to your needs such as air conditioning and heating systems. In addition, MobilFab designs accessible units to accommodate wheelchair users.


Mine Dry Facilities

Mining sites require areas designed to fulfill workers needs and enhance their comfort. To this end, MobilFab manufactures dries that include lockers equipped with a ventilation system allowing quick drying of the work clothes, common showers, industrial laundry rooms, bathrooms and a mechanical room. MobilFab can respond to all requests and would be pleased to discuss your specific needs.



Remote construction sites place accommodations at the disposal of workers who are involved on a project of medium or long duration. For these situations, MobilFab designs camps adapted to your projects.
The camps cater to all residential needs by providing complexes with complete bedrooms, individual bathrooms, recreational rooms, common areas, sprinkler systems, as well as air conditioning and heating systems. Depending on your needs, MobilFab will adapt and ensure the result will meet your every expectation.


Modular Complexes

Some companies must increase their work area in order to meet a growing demand. To provide more space for their temporary office needs and optimize their staffing level, MobilFab constructs office complexes that meet furnishing and dimension requirements while respecting very short deadlines.



Many schools expect to receive a higher number of students than their institution can accommodate. To this end, MobilFab proposes the construction of temporary classes in order to facilitate the integration of new students into the education system. Classes cater to the needs of schools by providing a safe learning space for children.



In spite of their situation, hospitals under renovation must maintain their services and continuously accept patients. To meet their need for additional space, MobilFab builds temporary or permanent units if further expansion is required. These units meet the technicalities and specifications of every quotation and offer a world-class building quality.


Special Projects

MobilFab has shown great flexibility which allowed the company to work on projects of all kinds in the modular building industry. The flexibility and creativity of its team have been reflected in the construction of multiple units: cottages, a temporary airport, a police station and an auction office to name a few. This variety of projects have enabled MobilFab to develop a unique expertise in the industry. Our team will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements and provide you with modular buildings adapted to your needs.

You have a project in mind ?

Whatever your project, we will be happy to build it with you. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.